Prepare your business for raising capital and gaining investment from a Founder who secured over a quarter of a million pounds worth of funding from multiple funding bodies.

Everybody has business goals whether you’re generating income or not. If progress in achieving your business goals is slow and you have difficulty in accessing knowledge, resources and networks, save yourself the time and money of searching online to get confusing and untrustworthy misinformation and remove as much guesswork as possible.

We have a team of Black male and female, Aston University Business School, Master of Business Administration (MBA) accredited award-winning business consultants and growth experts, ready to help you.

They will help you to build and grow a profitable, sustainable, systems-driven businesses to double your profits, improve your staff, and develop more successful marketing and better systems.

Our consultants are experts in:

Director Mentoring
Business Planning
Business Strategy
Advanced strategy
Marketing Strategies
Systemising Businesses
Sales Training

On our Revenue and Business Growth Programme you get direct access to individuals who can solve your business challenges, you will:

Build your brand profile

Gain more monetisable clients

Grow and expand your business

Organise tasks more efficiently to maximise and gain time

Get access to more business resources

Gain access to other likeminded business owners to network

Learn how to build a strategic team around your business

Gain access to an accountability and motivational peer group of entrepreneurs to learn from

and Much more!

Our consultants will motivate you, increase your self-belief and make it possible for you to succeed despite the challenges of your ethnic background and will help you fill in the gaps of what you don’t know to gain certainty about achieving your goals.

We want you to earn more money and have more time to enjoy it, after all, we get into business to enjoy life! Listen to the testimonials of previous clients who have been on a programme with our Business Consultants:



The decision to buy coaching services and to attend classes was by far the most beneficial move for our business in the last six months. It would have been even without the coronavirus crisis but in the light of the recent events, I can tell that the knowledge that was eagerly shared, the steady support and the compassion for my victories and struggles was a life-changing investment for my company.

– Managing Director of a removals, storage and packing company

Having been coached over the last year I’ve had some major increases in my finances, including 2 secured 3 month contracts getting exactly what I set out as a Goal. They have more than tripled what I invested in coaching. They’re calm, goal-driven yet does this in a fun and relaxed way enabling me to take full ownership of my business and actions I take. I love the group coaching sessions and the fact that I can call for individual sessions as and when needed. Finances are simpler to understand and I finally have systems in place to sell my packages as a coach. Highly recommend them as a Coach for businesses struggling with sending the right message? attracting their ideal clients and breaking through and even exceeded their financial goals. Thank you so much for EVERYTHING I mean that.

–  Self-employed female guru and mental coach

I was a bit reluctant at first when joining the programme but being assigned a coach helped me see the value in it. In one of our early sessions, they said if “If you fail, I fail and I don’t do failing” and they meant it. I am not at the end of my programme and already seeing how my business will benefit from me meeting and learning from them. So they will always be highly recommended by me!

– A Car Finance Expert

If you are interested in taking your business to another level in 2021 and would like more information about our programme, then please fill out our business assessment so that we can gain more insight into your business, goals and exactly how we can help you to succeed.




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